Application Statement

SASAbus let's you quickly get the bus schedules of Bolzano, Merano, Laives and Lana.
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Existing features Online search for optimal route, considering the SASA busses and walking to bus stop Start- and arrival time as well as bus stops Show route on map Bus stop suggestion Number of changes Bus stop selection from map List of favorite routes Offline bus schedules News about latest route changes Future features ...
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Real life context / Things to consider

High contrast design because people often use the app outside and the sun causes the screen to reflect Elements should not be too small App should be fast (without too much fancy animations), because people might be in a hurry searching for the bus People should receive a notification if something changes on their favorite route App should be made available for...
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What might the user ask for? What exact information does he want? How do i get from x to y? When does the next bus pass by where I am? How long does it take from x to y? What is the route of the bus line z?
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Required technology

Access network (Limit traffic on while on mobile) Access location (GPS might not be working -> manual selection of bus stop) Access to camera (some phones might use different apis) Write on storage (external storage might not be present, storage is very limited on many devices)
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Mockups of the SASAbus app can be found here .
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Latest Screenshots of the current app design (work in progress):            
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Application (.apk)

Here you can find the latest apk for testing purposes (work in progress).
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