SASAbus HTML5 is a web application made by SASAbus community (at the moment mainly by Davide Montesin). SASAbus community is made by some persons that create free/open source applications starting from the data opensasa released by SASA (with license CC-3.0-BY-SA-NC). SASA provide public transportation services in the main cities of Alto Adige / Suedtirol. The data they provide are: list of bus stops with gps position, bus lines, departure times, bus trips.

SASAbus HTML5 can be used on many devices: mobile phones, tablets and desktops. The application is just released and it is in beta version, it means that some small problem can happens. Feedbacks are welcome. Use the menu item "Feedback" in the application to send your comments. The applications is free/open source: you can use for free and if you like you can have the source code too. Any contribution is welcome. To use it, just point the browser to:

The application let you to search bus area, bus lines, bus station/stops, news. The application show/calculate the next departures of lines from a bus station, or the best route between two bus stops. The result can be displayed on the map too.

The application is made by two main part: the front-end and the backend. The front-end project contains all the client/browser/ui side code. The backend project contains the data service used by the front end. For more details of backend look at backend page.

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